How To Be Able To Pay All The Bills On Time

Best Way How To Pay The Monthly Bills

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Best Way How To Pay The Monthly Bills


How To Pay All The Monthly Bills By The Due Date


Knowing how to pay all the Monthly Bills by the due date would be indeed a blessing in disguise! Imagine a way that can eliminate all those stressful overdue statements piling up on the kitchen table. What would you say if I could show you a method to make those "pesky" pieces of paper to totally disappear? Does that sound Good!? Wouldn't It be even better if we had extra money in the bank to pay them straight away with our credit cards?


Best Way To Earn Extra Money To Pay The Bills


The best way to earn extra money to pay the bills can often be a hard mission! There are many cases online where people find a job on the net but are working extremely long hours for very little pay. Doing such things as taking surveys or doing movie reviews is time-consuming with small returns for your efforts! Some data entry work can pay alright, but you need the training to do this. It's the old story, the more skills you obtain, the better you will be paid. Below I can show you how to gain skills with online work and learn to be paid what you're worth.


My #1 Recommended Online Program With Free Training


There are all kinds of different work you can do online that can make you very wealthy indeed. Once you have mastered basic skills in the training to set up a website, contact me and I can show you how to get your first blog ranking on Google. I do this for every new member as a way to say thank you for joining me. As an added bonus, I will also show you how to get comments on your website for boosted rankings. Just follow Kyles Training videos and I'm sure you will be making money in no time!


Opportunities That Exist With Marketing On The Net


Opportunities that exist with marketing on the net are too numerous to mention them all. I have listed the main jobs that you can do when a bit of experience is gained. The Wealthy Affiliate training and expert community can help you achieve financial freedom in whatever is decided to gain your Wealth!


  • Blogging About Niche Markets
  • Promoting Wealthy Affiliate
  • Website Design
  • YouTube Marketing
  • SEO Optimization For Companies
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Data Entry
  • Trading Online
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Online Entrepreneurship


These types of online work are just a few that are possible on the net. They all pay fantastic money and can be learned with expert training at Wealthy Affiliate.

Differences Between The Free Membership Versus Paid

Most Programs that teach you how to learn Online Marketing include extra charges to access the tools to make money online. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are only two memberships and both versions contain no hidden fees or Upsells. Most people want to test the waters first and I think this is a good strategy. There are tons of Online Scams and if you are contemplating joining an Internet Marketing Program that does not give you a free look, I urge you to take a closer at the proposal.


What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership About?



This is a great membership and it's the best I have ever seen online! You will have to do a lot of sifting through to find a free program that even comes close to this one. The free membership is yours to keep for good and doesn't come with pressure tactics to upgrade. The list of tools below will blow you away and I still can't believe what's included!


  • Two WordPress Websites And Hosting
  • 25 WordPress Theme Templates To Choose From
  • High-Speed Website Page Loading Tool (Score 95 Mobile & Desktop In Google Page Speed Insights)
  • Spam Blocker And Email Service
  • 24/7 Superior WordPress Site Support
  • Genuine Comment Platform (Enables You To Receive Comments On Your Posts)
  • Training Videos On How To Set Up Your Website And Getting Google Rankings
  • Image Libary Containing over One Million Images
  • 24/7 Support And Help From Over 1.3 Active Members (First 7 Days)

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What Is The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership About?



The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is an upgrade from the free version and includes every tool needed to make money online. like the Free Membership, the Premium Membership has no hidden charges and all Software, Training, and Tools are included in the price. You can downgrade back to the free version at any time and all Website data can be transferred between free and premium sites without losing any of your content. As we know, things happen! Not many online Platforms offer this service and if they do, can charge like "Wounded Bulls" for you to continue your business.


  • Host And Build Up To 50 WordPress Websites
  • Thousands Of WordPress Theme Templates To Choose From
  • SSL Site Security Badges For Every Website (HTTP'S)
  • Spam Blocker And Email Service
  • Cheap Domain Name Purchasing Area (No Yearly Price Increases)
  • Privacy Settings For All Domains Names Purchased At Wealthy Affiliate
  • High-Speed Website Page Loading Tool (Score 95 Mobile & Desktop In Google Page Speed Insights)
  • 24/7 WordPress Site Support
  • Hundreds Of Training Videos On How To Set Up Your Website And Getting Google Rankings
  • Weekly Webinars That Explain How To Do All Facets Of Online Marketing (Includes SEO Tactics)
  • Genuine Comment Platform (Enables You To Receive Comments On Your Posts)
  • Image Libary Containing over One Million Images
  • 24/7 Ask Questions Area To Any Problem (Quick Response Times)
  • 24/7 Live Chat Area To Get Answers To Problems
  • 24/7 Support And Help From Over 1.3 Active Members
  • Exclusive Access To The Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle And Carson)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is Only $49 A Month (Pay Up To $200 On Other Platforms)
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Highest Percentage Rate Savings


Join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership to check out this excellent opportunity and you will save 60% on the first month of the Premium Membership. This is certainly a real chance to check out what is the best home business to start in and will give you the best way to earn online. 

Quick Facts / My Number 1 Recommendation:

Wealthy Affiliate is an all-rounded platform for beginners to learn how to make money online.

The Free Membership includes 2 Websites with Hosting and easy to follow Training Videos that will show you how to set up your new site up and the tricks to getting ranked in Google. The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.

Whilst there are hundreds of Marketing Platforms eager to take your money, there are only a couple of complete Programs that offer High-Level-Training and Support Structures close to the best price you'll ever find online for a Premium Membership!


Their step-by-step training, helpful support & resourceful community are charged at a very affordable price of $49/month.

The FREE Starter Membership has NO limited trial period & is a good way to test-drive the system.

Overall, the entire platform is very valuable & resourceful. It's hard to find any negative reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. This very genuine Marketing Platform suites everybody from a Beginner to an Expert and is my NUMBER ONE Recommendation for the safest way to Make Money Online.

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Thank you for visiting, Best Way How To Pay The Monthly Bills. Getting all the Bills paid each month is becoming increasingly harder and with prices of living increasing, this won't get any easier. If you need any help or a bit more detailed information about any subject on this post, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comment area below. I look forward to answering your questions and will reply to you in a timely manner.

16 thoughts on “Best Way How To Pay The Monthly Bills

  1. Hey I really enjoyed this article. It would be nice to be able to cover my Bill’s and also have money to spare. I left my full-time job of 6 years in November and I have been doing self-contract work to pay the Bill’s while I work on my online business with the help of wealthy affiliate! I’m only 4 months in but I have noticed if you keep working hard and putting out good content you will see improvements!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Justin. Just keep doing the training at Wealthy Affiliate and working on your website. Try not to be distracted by claims of making fast money online as they are all just rubbish! No one said that Rome was built in a day and I’m ecstatic to hear that your site is improving.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hi there, Jeff. I come across your post on Google + and enjoyed reading your article on, the best ways how to pay the monthly bills. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate it’s a true industry leader which can teach you not just how to set up and structure a professional niche blog but also how to monetize any niche you choose. Affiliate marketing is their bread and butter. Members are quietly changing their lives into a luxurious and wealth filled lifestyle. They teach good SEO and Social Media techniques, give an overview of adding a newsletter to your blog for subscribers, and how to drive unlimited free traffic. It’s the all in one of internet Affiliates Programs.

    1. Nice to meet you, Andy. Paying the monthly bills was a real struggle for me before I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. I have found that the free training at W.A is set out in easy to follow structures and teaches you all the basics of Internet Marketing. I have been working online for 3 years and have not come across any other program that offers the same value in their free starter memberships.

      Regards, Jeff.


  3. Hi Jeff

    I’m really pleased I came across your website. From reading what you have to say and also the comments of others, Wealthy Affiliate looks to be a viable way to learn how to make money online.

    I’m not sure how good I would be at creating websites and writing every day though. Is this something I would be shown how to do?

    What if I wanted to start my own YouTube channel. I see a lot of people seem to earn good money with videos. Is there training on how to do this too?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi there, Mark. Wealthy Affiliate can teach you how to create a website and the ways you can place content on the posts. The free membership has ten training videos that show you how this can be done and building websites are quite easy when you know how. Writing content for your website isn’t overly complicated and is fully explained in the free training on how to do Affiliate Marketing.

      There are also heaps of YouTube Training to create Your very first YouTube Video. There is also 24/7 help and support from over 1.3 Million of caring members that are all willing to answer your questions. If you need any assistance, I’ll be more than happy to give you a hand.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. Hi there, Jeff. Wealthy Affiliate has become my very best friend over the last year. I no longer worry about paying those pesky monthly bills that used to stress me right out and kept me up at night. Thank you for leading me to Wealthy Affiliate and giving me the help and support when I first started. I owe you tons of gratitude, my friend.

    I don’t say this to brag by any means but I am now making 2 thousand dollars a month with my online business so bills are no longer an issue for me. Simply believe in the process here at W.A and let Jeff look after you like he did for me.

    Thanks mate, Nate Glick.

    1. Thanks for your kind words here, Nate. I love when people find it in their hearts to get back to me with their success stories. It warms me to hear that you are no longer struggling to pay the monthly bills and hope you are getting a better nights sleep?

      Wow! $2000 a month, that’s just fantastic, my friend. You have worked hard for this, Nate and I wish you all the happiness that will follow with your new business.

      Kind regards, Jeff.

  5. With everything going up all the time it’s pretty hard to earn enough money to pay the Monthly Bills.
    Your information about Wealthy Affiliate was very helpful as I was looking for ways how to make extra money from home. There are so many scams out there that I don’t know where to start, but reading your post about Wealthy Affiliate makes me think it’s worth a try!

    I have always wanted to learn how to do Internet Marketing but up to now was so afraid of being scammed. Can you explain how the free membership works and do I have to pay any fees down the track.

    Thank you, Daniel.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment, Daniel. Yep! Things are certainly getting tough for folks out there to make enough money to pay their Monthly Bills. I don’t blame you for being a bit skeptical these days, Daniel. There are lots of Shrewd Operators that setup so-called Marketing Companies that claim you can make a Thousand Dollars a day for doing 4 hours work a week (Not Possible). Then there are others that can take your money and give you inferior training that doesn’t work. At the end of the day, you want to earn extra money to ease all the household bills and not ending up spending it on products that don’t produce.

      Having a keen interest in Online Marketing will help you to succeed, Daniel! The Free membership will allow you to build 2 WordPress Websites and gives you 10 easy to follow Training Videos which explains how to set your Site up and how the Affiliate Marketing Process Works. There is also free training on how to get your website ranked in Google and Bing.

      The Free Membership is exactly what it states, it’s FREE! Totally, nothing extra to pay and it’s yours to keep forever. I also ran a 7-Day Free Course to help you get the most out of your free membership. This includes an introduction to thousands of Professional Marketing People like myself and shortcut-tips for building your Website. This way you can get help and support when needed and you’ll never be left in the dark if you get stuck.

      here’s to your success, Jeff.

  6. Like you, I love Wealthy Affiliate and I think it’s an amazing place to set yourself up to be successful one day. It’s important to mention that it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It only works with hard and consistent work and obviously, like any other business, it takes time to get recognized in your field. However, it’s definitely legit and cheap too! There’s no rubbish with it:)

    Wealthy Affiliate also helped me to pay the monthly bills once I learned what to do with the free Training. It only took me 6 weeks to start earning money and now I’m making well over $6000 a Month.

    Thanks for the insight, Hollie.

    1. I would like to say that you are 100% right, Holly and unfortunately there are no easy ways to get rich. The only thing you will achieve from this kind of mindset is an empty wallet and broken heart. I see this every day and dishonest Internet Operators prey on peoples eagerness to rake in the money!

      The best way to how to pay the Monthly Bills is finding a safe place to learn new skills, implement them, and watching your Online Business Grow. This process does not take a whole lot of time to achieve and is the only method of achieving Financial Freedom. There are no magic remedies when it comes to getting money and people don’t give cash away from doing absolutely anything. We all have to get in there and do some work now so we can live a much better life.

      Terefic to hear you are making over $6000 a month, Holly and I thank you for leaving your comment.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  7. Hi Jeff,

    I really am interested in what you are saying about Wealthy Affiliate.

    Since I retired, I wanted to find something to do that would allow me to continue helping people and would give me the opportunity to continue solving problems.

    I was a school principal before retiring. I loved my job and was worried I would be bored in retirement.

    I signed on with a company to develop a website. My website’s purpose was to offer support for school principals who were still in the job. My entry payment was $5000.00 US. I was a little concerned about the cost, but I thought it would be worth it in the long run.

    I was only with the company for about a month, when I received a call saying that I would get far more benefits and a greater potential with additional affiliate links and more coaching if I paid an additional $5000.00.US

    At this point, I was working very hard at designing my website. The company offered one hour weekly phone tutorials. I was never given anything in writing so that I could follow the instructions myself and move along at my own speed. Each call required me to listen, do the steps, and take notes before my coach’s time was up.

    All my website development was in HTML. It was exhausting and frustrating. I spend three months, 9 hours a day working on my website. I received another call from their sales department promising me life-time coaching and more affiliate links and some other thing that I can’t remember now. Yes, an additional $5000.00 US would buy me this next level that was guaranteed to bring sales and visibility for my website on Google.

    Well, that website did not bring me anything. I did not make any sales and I did not connect with other principals.

    I was very disappointed.

    That website did not have any way of allowing visitors to respond to my website. The company told me to develop a Blog. I had to do that with a different company.

    Wealthy Affiliate appears to offer all that I am looking for. It looks like the training can progress at my own speed of learning and I will have the chance to connect with other people.

    Are there any up sales with Wealthy Affiliate? Will I get a call from their sales department asking me for $5000.00?

    Is the program easy to understand for a non-techie person such as myself?

    I am glad I found your website.

    I hope you will be able to answer my questions about what Wealthy Affiliate.

    Thank you,


    1. Hello, Susan. This company is very typical of the online make money platforms that are on the net today. Unfortunately, the people that are running these programs are possibly the only ones making all the money! Most of these companies rely on upsells and rarely offer free memberships so you can scope out how they operate. In turn, they charge a very minimal entrance fee for a membership, then hit you up with upselling to complete different levels of training. The fact that they charged you $5000 to join then a repeat same figure sum one month later really has me concerned.
      If you’re bugged about this company, you can leave me a comment on my report a scam post and I’ll do a “Legit Rating” to tell folks about.
      I also don’t like the idea of timed calls to receive your training. “Are they kidding!?” We are all very busy people and being there to receive training by phone is not practical. In my professional opinion, this is a recipe to set people up for failure. Reading in between the lines, it could be an attempt to squeeze extra money for more convenient training methods.
      Wealthy Affiliate is free to join and gives you the chance to look around. The Premium Membership costs $49 a month and includes easy to follow training, free WordPress websites and hosting, technical site support, free SSL security, fastest hosting speeds, and 24/7 help and support if you get stuck with the training. There are no upsells other than the Premium Membership, but it is perfectly ok if you want to stick with Starter Membership.
      You can also easily transfer any websites created to Wealthy Affiliate. I would suggest you join the free membership first, that way you can get the first month for only $19. If you join through my links, I will introduce you to the expert Wealthy Affiliate Community.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  8. Hi Jeff, This site stands out as the real deal when compared to many of the thousands of “make money” sites so prolific on the Internet today. So many people out there are just thoroughly sick of the garbage being dished up – we have become very cynical and tend to steer away from people who have little intention of helping the viewer to actually earn a reasonable income on the Internet. What a pleasure it is to come across a site such as this!
    Does Wealthy Affiliate have its own hosting facilities and have they got free SSL Certificates to place on a website? I’m also trying to cut down the costs as things are a little tight and was wondering if a keyword tool was included with the membership?
    Thank you, Rob.

    1. Nice to meet you, Rob. You are not wrong about all the suspicious making money platforms on the internet today. Most online schemes that I review contain a heap of upsells. One of them even said, “this is how we make all our money” if we already didn’t know this. A lot of other platforms on the net are just downright SCAMS and I don’t know how they live with themselves!
      Wealthy Affiliate has its own high-speed hosting service and free SSL certificates that help members to outrank over competitors on the Google Listings. This extremely well-equipped platform also includes the use of a keyword tool, 24/7 help, and support, free WordPress Website Builder and comes with 24-hour Site Support. If you add up the costs for these services alone, you could be paying around $60 per month to use with other platforms. There is a comparison table of the different online prices that are charged.
      The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is only $49 a month and includes absolutely every tool needed to succeed at online marketing.
      This platform is 100% scam free and does not tolerate spammers or scammers. I think we have all had enough of this kind of practice and should be stomped out!
      I would join the free membership first and have a good look around. This way you can get the first month for only $19. There are no upsells other than Premium membership, and it’s perfectly ok if you want to stick with Starter Membership.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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