best Internet Marketing Course For Beginners

The Best Internet Marketing Training Course For Beginners

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The Best Internet Marketing Training Course For Beginners


How To Start With An Online Business For Beginners


Learning how to start with an Online Business from home, you must first have all the tools needed to make a successful bid for your success. Some Internet Learning Courses for beginners do have sufficient marketing skills to guide you through, but unfortunately, in most cases, charge a ton of upsells to access the different levels of training required. 


 What Do We Need To Succeed On The Net?


What tools do we need to succeed on the net as a beginner that can make us money without being hindered with continues Upsells? To create a successful internet business, you need to be able to access different training levels when needed. There's nothing worse than finding out you have to pay extra money to get the tools needed to complete a task! Below I have compiled a comparison list of what you need and whether they are free to use or come with an added Upsell.


The Following Items Are All Included With The Premium Membership

  • Keyword Tool (FREE)
  • Different Levels Of Training Modules (FREE)
  • Website Hosting (FREE)
  • Website Privacy Settings (FREE)
  • SSL Site Secure Certificates (FREE)
  • Super Fast Website Loading Speed (FREE)
  • Website Templates (FREE)
  • Support And Help Platforms (FREE)
  • Help And Advice From Professional Marketers (FREE)


Not All online platforms charge upsells, but most do!

  • Keyword Tool (UPSELL)
  • Different Levels Of Training Modules (UPSELL)
  • Website Hosting (UPSELL)
  • Website Privacy Settings (UPSELL)
  • SSL Site Secure Certificates (UPSELL)
  • Super Fast Website Loading Speed (UPSELL)
  • Website Templates (UPSELL)
  • Support And Help Platforms (FREE)
  • Help And Advice From Professional Marketers (UPSELL)


As You can see from the list above, most other online platforms charge upsells for nearly every module that is implemented. They might offer a $5 joining fee for access but the costs per month due to upsells could be high as $120 per month. This is their sneaky little way to get you roped in with a minimal joining fee for a lifetime membership. A really good rule of thumb when looking at online proposals is, If it seems too good to be true, It normally is!


How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?


There are two memberships available at here and one is completely free! The free membership is great to have a look at the platform and you get the full use of all training modules for 7 Days. Not only this, the Free membership includes 2 WordPress Websites with hosting and Domain Name. As an extra bonus, there are 10 easy to follow Training Videos on how to set up a website and getting your site ranked on Google. After the seven-day trial, you will be offered a Months Premium Membership for only $19 which is a saving of around 60%. Of course, you can stay a free member and you don't even need your credit card details to join up.


Wealthy Affiliate Company Details:
  • Co-Founders: Kyle and Carson.
  • Company Founded in 2005.
  • The largest online training platform with over 1.4 million members.
  • No Upsells or Semi-legit Scams.
  • Free Membership: $0 To Join.
  • Premium Membership: $49 Per Month.

The Wealthy Affiliate Free Versus Paid Membership

Most Programs that teach you how to learn Online Marketing include extra charges to access the tools to make money online. At Wealthy Affiliate, there are only two memberships and both versions contain no hidden fees or Upsells. Most people want to test the waters first and I think this is a good strategy. There are tons of Online Scams and if you are contemplating joining an Internet Marketing Program that does not give you a free look, I urge you to take a closer at the proposal.


The Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership?



This is a great membership and it's the best I have ever seen online! You will have to do a lot of sifting through to find a free program that even comes close to this one. The free membership is yours to keep for good and doesn't come with pressure tactics to upgrade. The list of tools below will blow you away and I still can't believe what's included!


  • Two WordPress Websites And Hosting
  • 25 WordPress Theme Templates To Choose From
  • High-Speed Website Page Loading Tool (Score 95 Mobile & Desktop In Google Page Speed Insights)
  • Spam Blocker And Email Service
  • 24/7 Superior WordPress Site Support
  • Genuine Comment Platform (Enables You To Receive Comments On Your Posts)
  • Training Videos On How To Set Up Your Website And Getting Google Rankings
  • Image Libary Containing over One Million Images
  • 24/7 Support And Help From Over 1.3 Active Members (First 7 Days)

==>Start Your Free Account Today!


The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership?



The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is an upgrade from the free version and includes every tool needed to make money online. like the Free Membership, the Premium Membership has no hidden charges and all Software, Training, and Tools are included in the price. You can downgrade back to the free version at any time and all Website data can be transferred between free and premium sites without losing any of your content. As we know, things happen! Not many online Platforms offer this service and if they do, can charge like "Wounded Bulls" for you to continue your business.


  • Host And Build Up To 50 WordPress Websites
  • Thousands Of WordPress Theme Templates To Choose From
  • SSL Site Security Badges For Every Website (HTTP'S)
  • Spam Blocker And Email Service
  • Cheap Domain Name Purchasing Area (No Yearly Price Increases)
  • Privacy Settings For All Domains Names Purchased At Wealthy Affiliate
  • High-Speed Website Page Loading Tool (Score 95 Mobile & Desktop In Google Page Speed Insights)
  • 24/7 WordPress Site Support
  • Hundreds Of Training Videos On How To Set Up Your Website And Getting Google Rankings
  • Weekly Webinars That Explain How To Do All Facets Of Online Marketing (Includes SEO Tactics)
  • Genuine Comment Platform (Enables You To Receive Comments On Your Posts)
  • Image Libary Containing over One Million Images
  • 24/7 Ask Questions Area To Any Problem (Quick Response Times)
  • 24/7 Live Chat Area To Get Answers To Problems
  • 24/7 Support And Help From Over 1.3 Active Members
  • Exclusive Access To The Owners Of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle And Carson)
  • Wealthy Affiliate Membership Is Only $49 A Month (Pay Up To $200 On Other Platforms)
Special Bonus Just For You!


Taking Percentage Off Price

Join the Wealthy Affiliate Free Membership to check out this excellent opportunity and you will save 60% on the first month of the Premium Membership. This is certainly a real chance to check out what is the best home business to start in and will give you the best way to earn online. 

Quick Facts About The Contents Of Video Below.

Overview of the training tools included at Wealthy Affiliate.
2 Professional Keyword Tools
24/7 Live Support & Help
Live Training & Weekly SEO Webinars
Wealthy Affiliate’s unique comment and website feedback system.
Website Email
And here’s an update video since they added SiteSpeed

Amazing Affiliate Learning Platform For Beginners


Cancel At Anytime With No Opt Out Fees!

More Amazing Features To Come In 2018 & 2019

NEW UPDATES FOR 2017,2018, & 2019


As always, Wealthy Affiliate has made amazing leaps and bounds to continually work hard to update their services for you...
Here a just some of the amazing updates taking place:


SiteSSL, Free SSL for ALL (January)
Training, Completely Redesigned (March)
SiteBuilder – Brand New Website Builder (April)
Affiliate Bootcamp 2.0, Relaunched (May)
SiteSpeed – Your Site is Now on Steroids. EXCLUSIVE to Wealthy Affiliate (May)
Site Content, The Ultimate Writing Platform (June)
Jaaxy 3.0, A Brilliant Redesign (July)
2017 Ambassador Platform Launch – (September)
SiteContent Images Platform – Over 1,000,000+ HD Images (February 2018)
PageSpeed Insights – Analyze & Improve Your Website Speeds (June 2018)
New Super Affiliate Program to help Newer Wealthy Affiliate Members to make more money (April 2019)
Join us today, it’s $0 (Free)

Wealthy Affiliate Gets 10 Thumbs Up!

Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 Recommendation for a solid affiliate marketing education which includes web hosting, support, a like-minded community, and so much more.

With a strong Internet Marketing Community that has over 1.4 Million People with a wealth of information, support, and training that you won’t find anywhere else. Real-World Training and lots of tutorials to help you along your journey. And the best thing about it is it has a FREE Membership to try it with NO obligation and No Credit Card Needed!

Wealthy Affiliate University

We'd Love To Hear Your Thoughts Below...

Thank you for visiting, The Best Internet Marketing Course For Beginners. Have you joined an online training platform that constantly charged upsells to upgrade on different levels of the course? What did you think of the business platform and did they supply all the tools that were needed for your online career? Please leave your comments below and I'll get back to you in a Jiffy.

Your Friend, Jeff. 😃

14 thoughts on “The Best Internet Marketing Training Course For Beginners

  1. I am new to the whole affiliate/internet marketing business and while I have joined Wealthy Affiliate I still like to trawl around the internet for other opinions and advice.

    That’s how I came across your site and see another article supporting WA. I must say I am pretty excited after reading John’s comment below about $20,000 months and I am looking forward to some of them for myself lol.

    I just wondered as you’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for so many years if you still find it good value or if it is better for newbies like myself?

    Thanks for the reassuring article.

    1. Thank you for leaving me your opinion about Wealthy Affiliate, Heide. Earning twenty thousand dollars per month is the average earnings Affiliate marketing Websites are making. Of course, you can make a lot more than that and as you gain more experience, you’ll want to build more websites, hence more money. You have good reason to be excited about joining W.A, Heidi. It’s the best internet marketing training program I have seen online in the 3 years of my Internet Career.
      The Wealthy Affiliate Platform Features some amazing online tools to build your Home Business and is most likely the best Internet Marketing Training Course for Beginners. In fact, the Wealthy Affiliate Program is for everybody just starting to the more seasoned marketer like myself. I still learn new techniques on how to grow my online business every day and the community here is out of this World!
      I have 7 Websites doing the rounds and another 2 in the production stages. I can host all of them at Wealthy Affiliate for the price of a cup of coffee per day and all of them include a free high-speed-site-tool, privacy settings, HTTP”S badges, and the Jaaxy keyword finder. If I did the same at say, GoDaddy, it would easily cost me well over $300 a month.
      I think the mear $49 a month that W.A charges is fantastic value and probably the best internet marketing training online.
      Thanks for commenting, Deidi!
      Best regards, Jeff.

  2. Hey I spotted your posting on Twitter and really enjoyed this article, you are right about wealthy affiliate being the best choice out there. I am glad i discovered WA its crazy how many upsells you will run into on other programs, and there are also so many pyramid schemes out there. WA shows you how to build and grow an actual online business!

    Your website has given me some good ideas on how to improve my website.

    Cheers, Justin.

    1. Thanks for leaving a comment, Justin. Happy my website could give you some ideas to improve your website. This is what I love about Wealthy Affiliate! Everybody is so friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand when you need it the most.

      Thank you for stopping by, Jeff.

  3. I came across Wealthy Affiliate by accident. Good accident to happen. This is one accident that changed my life forever. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for over two years now and I am indeed having the best fun of my life.

    Why is Wealthy Affiliate different from the rest? They teach you what to do step by step with over 100 Video and text training. The community of affiliate members is also very helpful all the time.

    The truth is this, you must like your choice of Niche to succeed online. And you must prepare to work at it daily. Following the training at WA has helped many to be making over $20,000 monthly just within 2 years.



    1. Thanks for commenting, John. cant argue with you here, mate. All you have to do is Google the reviews about Wealthy Affiliate to find the love! We all have to put in some effort in order to succeed in life and it’s truly fantastic to hear you are making over $20, 000 a month. This amount of money is entirely reachable and I know many people at Wealthy Affiliate including myself making well over that. The skies the limit here and is still the best Internet Training Course for Beginners and Expert Marketers by far.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  4. Great info here. There are so many work from home opportunities out there. I have been looking into opportunities and some are better than others. Also, the problem with being a newbie is the potential to be scammed. I like your recommendations and will check it out. I think making money online requires hard work, persistence and the right training.

    1. You are so right, Dave! The problem is when people are looking for the best Internet Marketing Training Courses for beginners is they get caught up in all the excitement that particular platform is offering. Most Online Marketing Platforms have Upsells and the trick is how to spot them before we get too involved with the program.

      This is one of the biggest reasons why people will fail when first attempting to start a business on the Internet. I find the ones that charge the most “extra fees” are Marketing Platforms that offer a Lifetime Membership for say, Ten Dollars. They often get you sucked in with the training and once you have started to build a website, all the extra costs start coming out of the closet.

      The best way to avoid Upsells and Scams is to make sure they have a completely Free Membership to join without having to give them any Credit Card Details or personal information. You can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and test the waters for as long as you want before paying any money at all. I have also found this Platform to have a most extensive Training and Tools for beginners and Experts alike with no extra charges attached to use them.

      If you would like any help and support joining, I would be more than happy to do so.

      Thank you for commenting, Jeff.

  5. Being a member of Wealthy Affiliate for the last 2 years has really opened a lot of doors to me that other programs out there on the net have not. I’m now at the stage where I can make extra money promoting other Affiliate Programs. I come to discover your website looking for such opportunities and enjoyed your review of the breakdown of what others charge extra for. Wealthy Affiliate is the real value compared to what is included and with one easy payment a month too. I think people entering Internet Marketing for the first time get caught up with the false promises to make fast money and this can make newbies lose sight of what they are really paying for.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Wealthy Affiliate as the best Internet Marketing Training Course for Beginners for the value, support, and training that’s included.

    All the very best, Reyhana.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Reyhana. The Internet is full of False Promises that proclaims you can make fast money, but all you have to do is this! I’m afraid to say there are no easy ways to make good money online without putting some effort into it. The best Internet Marketing Course for beginners must have a FREE MEMBERSHIP to test the waters before spending any hard earned money.

      If you would like, you can contact me here and I can pass some Genuine Affiliate Opportunities your way.

      Best regards, Jeff.

  6. You are totally spot on when it comes to upsells Jeff – they cost a lot of money. That was why I joined Wealthy Affiliate – one price for everything. I enjoy the weekly video training – it’s up-to-the-minute advice on the latest online marketing tools and tips, writing, SEO, etc. Whenever I have a question about my website I ask the community to solve my problem and there’s always someone with the solution! Even though I’m in a different time zone! It’s like having your very own mentor on call 24/7. Jeff – what are some of your favourite tools on WA?

    1. Hi, Alisa.
      I hope you found Wealthy Affiliate before wasting too much money on other platforms? There are a lot of people that aren’t quite that lucky when first starting their online business.
      I love using all the tools that you mentioned above. I especially like using the free Keyword Tool and Domain Searcher to find great long tail keywords and available Domains.
      Best regards, Jeff.

  7. Thanks for explaining the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and the other Marketing Platforms. I watched the videos on your post and the good thing there are plenty of members who are succeeding and moving forward with the training. I have done extensive research on reviews online before finding your website. I’m not a newbie at online marketing and wanted to find a marketing program that has no upsells! I get so annoyed with being hit by upgrades to complete different levels of training, and enough is enough…
    The 24-hour help and support looks outstanding and I can’t believe that everything is included. If I was to join Wealthy Affiliate, is there any other upsells to beware off.

    1. The sad truth is that many online marketing platforms include too many upsells! This is where they make most of their money and unfortunately, it’s the members that have to absorb the costs. Because Wealthy Affiliate is the largest online platform they can keep membership fees at a great price. I have not heard of any member complaining about the tool and training that’s included in my 2 Year Membership. There was one guy that was posting bad reviews about Wealthy Affiliate on his website blogs. He did these reviews without even having a close look at the what’s included and guess what, he’s now a member of Wealthy Affiliate!
      If you’re thinking about switching to a upsell free platform, I would join the free membership first. By doing this Bo, You can save 60% on your first month. That means you will be paying only $19 instead of the normal rate being $49.
      If you join through my links I can introduce you to my thousands of expert followers within Wealthy Affiliate. I can also help get your website better rankings by Google.
      Best regards, Jeff.

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